Big Fish Awards 2015

Members submit pictures of their largest fish and at the end of the year the largest in each species are awarded with certificates and / or cash prizes.
Here you will find the current leading fish of each species. This page will be updated as we get submissions throughout the season. Contest runs from 1/1/15 thru 12/1/15.
Bluegill: 9.25″ James Kaska caught at Sawyers Creek, NC
Bass: 18.5″ Scott Fuqua caught at Private Pond
Catfish: 27″ John Clark caught at Private Pond
Crappie: 12.5″ Scott Fuqua caught at Pasquotank River, NC
Trout: 17″ Jeff Gibson caught at Buckeye Quarry

More fish may be added as we get more sponsors.

  • Fish must be taken by angling and in accordance with regulations of the state or province where the fish was caught.
  • Each entry must be accompanied by at least one clear, side view photograph of the fish, preferably of the angler with the fish. Photographs of released fish must be taken at the catch site (no exceptions). (Submit more photos if you like)
  • Include the location and a description of how the fish was caught.
  • All photographs become the property of NWOAA and may be used for publication on this site.
  • Each entry is reviewed
You may subit your catch by Email using the following format/details: Size (in inches), Location (body of water), Date (date caught) and a description of how the fish was caught along with your photos.

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