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Yellow Jacket Supreme Field Point Target

I recently bought one of these Yellow Jacket Targets to get some practice in with my new crossbow. I have shot around 150 or so arrows into it so far and with my crossbow having a 150 lbs draw weight this target has stopped everything that I have shot at it so far. I also found that removing the arrow from the target is done with ease, which is a big plus. Its a little pricey but well worth it.


Barnett Jackall Crossbow

After looking at a variety of different crossbows out on the market and reading a ton of reviews I finally decided to go with the Barnett Jackall Crossbow. I found it on sale at Dunhams Sports in package deal and for the price and this being my first crossbow I decided that it had all the features that I was looking for and fit my budget as well.

      • 150# draw shoots 315 fps
      • Aluminum riser
      • Lightweight composite stock
      • Weight: 7 lbs
      • Crossbow Quiver
      • 4 x 20 Scope

The directions that came with it isn’t really friendly user to a novice but I managed to get it together after bout 20 minutes or so and after a few adjustments.  I then took it out to my buddy Johns house to zero in the scope and get a little practice shooting in. The trigger pull is roughly 3.5 lbs., which felt perfect to me. Even though it was a little loud I was amazed at the power that it had. The scope that came it was really hard to get zeroed in. Im going to upgrade to a nicer red dot scope in the near future. Overall for the price I don’t think you can find a better deal for a crossbow that has the features and power that the Barnett Jackall Crossbow offers and I am looking forward to the start of bow season this year.

Mossberg 715T Semiautomatic Rimfire Rifle


 Stopped over to visit an old friend that I haven’t seen in ages and we got to talking guns and he brought out a Mossberg 715T Semiautomatic Rimfire Rifle that he recently bought. It didn’t take long and we were firing off his back porch at a target about 100 feet away from us. I had looked at this weapon before but was a little cautious about whether to buy one or not. After firing it, I would diffidently buy one. It took about 20 shots to get it zeroed in and I was able to hit the bulls-eye from 100 feet. We put a hundred or so rounds down range and had only one round get jammed.

 mb01  mb02

Caliber: .22 LR
Barrel Length: 18”
Weight: 5.3 lbs
Sights: A-2 Style Plastic with adjustable rear
Length of Pull: 10.5-14.25”
Capacity: 10 or 25 round magazines
Cost: $309 MSRP (Typically for $229-289 depending on the area)

Umarex Surge Combo Single-Shot 0.177-Caliber Air Rifle

Bought this from Amazon for a little over $100 as a starter rifle for my son, who is now showing an interest in hunting. We took it out today and shot at some targets that I stapled to a scrap piece of 1/2 in OSB board.

The first couple of shots were loud and sounded like a .22. Fortunately by the 10th round or so the gun quieted down a bunch. The power of this rifle surprised me as it easily went through the OSB board at 50 feet and you could see wood fragmenting into the air. The feel and weight of this rifle feels like your holding a .22 and has a sleek design to it. The scope took some time to get zeroed in. Overall I think it will be a great first rifle for my son before I upgrade him to a .22 or shotgun.

150101_0000             150101_0002             150101_0001


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