iBobber Kraken

I have been looking at buying the IBobber Kracken from ReelSonar for awhile since I do a lot of fishing from the bank and today I was able to test it out for the first time.

Setting it up was pretty simple and straight forward, you simply download the free app and install it on your smart phone and follow the instructions or check out some videos on you tube and your up in running in minutes.

To test it, I took it over to Cobb lake and tried several of the functions and it worked flawlessly. I was able to see the depths of the water, the drop off points  and all the surrounding structure.


The fish finder worked great as well as I was marking fish with sizes and depth which helps take some of the guess work out of finding the right depth that the fish are at.

Over all this little portable fish finder is a great addition to anyone’s fishing arsenal. You can visit here to see all the features that are packed into this small portable fish finder.

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