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Vivitar DVR 781 HD Action Camera

I have been looking into getting a Action Camera that I can use to mount on my kayak to record footage and take pictures while I am out fishing. So I need one that is rugged and most important, water proof, as I tend to flip the yak from time to time.

My first choice would be to get a Go- Pro but with 5 kids, one that is in college, it is a little to pricey for my budget right now. So the other day I am out shopping with the wife and see the Vivitar DVR 781 HD Action Camera and it is on sale for like $26 and I think why not give it a try.

Once I got it home and got it unwrapped I learned you need to have a 32 MB micro sd card for it to even work, which is no big deal, you can grab one for around $10 just about anywhere. After I get everything figured out I gave it a test run and was surprised the quality of the video is actually pretty good and the mounts that come with it will easily mount to my kayak.

I will post some videos from it once it get warm enough and I am able to get out on the yak and do some fishing. If all turns out well Ill probably buy another one so that I can have two different angles while i am fishing.



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