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Frabill Minnow Trap

After spending the weekend down south with my buddy Chuck, I decided to go out and buy me a Frabill Minnow trap. It worked great for him and at under $10 bucks, I figured why not give it a try. He showed me a trick were he used a stainless steel tea ball to put his bait (cat food) in so I decided why not it worked for him it should work for me and you can pick one up for around $2.

frabill-minnow-trap   fmt2

After setting the trap out for a couple hours I go back and I have only one minnow in the trap. Now I now it ain’t location because I can see minnows swimming everywhere. So I decided to add some bread to the trap and after a few hours I went back to check the trap and there is still only one minnow in the trap. Going to let it sit overnight and if the trap is empty, then it just might be location and ill have to find another creek to try.

fbt2  fbt3  fbt4




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