2016 Cast Away Fishing Derby

Held our first Pass Port to Fishing Program today.. Turned out to be pretty successful with 31 kids showing up and participating. We had to have it inside due to the bad weather but I had a blast. Luckily the weather cooperated just long enough that we was able to go out and do some fishing for about an hour before it started raining again. Id like to thank MCI Employee’s Activity Committee for providing the funds to buy the fishing rods and food for today’s activities.

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I would like to thank Jake Brewer, Garret Haines and Joe Kessler for helping out. They each ran a station during the event and it wouldnt have been possible without their help. Also a big thanks to Sequel Wellman for helping get the Certificates done and handed out. Also a big thanks to Eric Wylie and Darell Starcher for getting the fishing pond cleaned up and ready for us to fish. I hope I didnt forget anyone and hope to host another event sometime here in the near future.

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