Plano Line Spool Box

Its that time of the year when I like to take the time to do a little maintenance on my poles such as oiling down the gears in the reels and re-spooling my poles with new line before I put them away and hang them in the wall racks till next season. So earlier today I was walking around Cabela’s and found the Plano Line Spool Box and got one for myself.

I love finding things that makes life easier when it comes to fishing and if you own as many poles as I do you appreciate these things. You can keep your fishing lines untangled and organized with this handy box. It holds six spools of line up to 1″ wide and has a dispenser for easy access to line without removing it from the box.  

The only drawback that I see is that the case is clear and I would prefer a black finish to help keep the UV rays off the line when I take it outside. May try to get some spray paint and mod it myself.5rating

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