Lily Camera

I have been looking at some of the flying drones with the built in camera for some time now and think it would be cool to have one that I could fly over the spots that I was fishing and take photos that I could then share on here when I post about my fishing outings. The thing with that is there is a learning curve trying to fly one of these and it takes valuable time away from fishing.


Then I came across the Lily Camera and thought to myself why have one that is just able to fly over a fishing hole and take a few pictures when you can get a Lily Camera and have it hover above you automatically recording you as you land that trophy fish or back up your fishing tale of the monster that got away. The Lily Camera takes both photo and video footage from the air while following your movements through GPS and a tracking device that is strapped onto your wrist. This little gadget is full of features and its a bit pricey at $799 if you pre order it now and will retail at $999 when it is fully released.

Lily-TrackingDevice-2k   Top-Down-2k

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