Have you ever found it hard to buy for someone that has everything when it comes to fishing. Well if your one of those lucky people, I think I have found something they probably don’t have yet but would love to have one and yes I hope my wife is reading this. I found this while surfing around and thought to myself, Now here is something I don’t have and it would be something handy to use since I do a lot of bank fishing.

Its called an iBobber and it is basically a fish finder attached to the end of your line that allows you to find fish by syncing via Bluetooth to your smart phone and showing what amounts to viewing a panel on a fish finder.
Here is a some features that come with it:

Sonar: 3′ – 135’ deep • Depth scale & Fish depth & 2 Sizes GPS Tagging: Tag fishing hotspots
Waterbed Mapping: Up to 100′ H20 Temp
Lunar Calendar: Month & Day, Moon & Sun rise/set Fish Alarm
Weather: Temp, Rain, Wind & Barometer LED Beacon: Remote On / Off
Strike Alarm: On / Off / Adjustable Battery Status
Trip Log: Date, Time, Location, Title, Conditions, Type of Fishing, Lure, # of fish caught/species, Map

ib01 ib02 ib04


Its priced at $99.99 on the manufacturer’s website but I found it cheaper at Amazon.

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