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Squirrel Tail Program

I was over checking out some lures over at Mepps today and saw a link that cuaght my attention on their site. It was about recycling squirrel tails and how they pay you for them, plus they will double their value by trading them in for Mepps lures.

They use the hair from the tails for their hand-tied dressed hooks for their world-famous, fish-catching lures. they only recycle tails taken from squirrels that have been harvested for the table and do not advocate taking squirrels strictly for their tails. I naturally thought of you Scott and decided to share it on here.

For all good quality tails they pay the following:

  • Gray, Fox & Black Squirrel Tails
    • 16 ¢ each — under 100
    • 19 ¢ each — over 100
    • 21 ¢ each — over 500
    • 22 ¢ each — over 1000
  • Premium Tails
    • 20 ¢ each — under 100
    • 23 ¢ each — over 100
    • 25 ¢ each — over 500
    • 26 ¢ each — over 1000
  • Red Squirrel Tails (Hair at the base of the tail must be at least 1″ long)
    • 8 ¢ each — under 100
    • 9 ¢ each — over 100
    • 10 ¢ each — over 500
    • 11 ¢ each — over 1000



Have you ever found it hard to buy for someone that has everything when it comes to fishing. Well if your one of those lucky people, I think I have found something they probably don’t have yet but would love to have one and yes I hope my wife is reading this. I found this while surfing around and thought to myself, Now here is something I don’t have and it would be something handy to use since I do a lot of bank fishing.

Its called an iBobber and it is basically a fish finder attached to the end of your line that allows you to find fish by syncing via Bluetooth to your smart phone and showing what amounts to viewing a panel on a fish finder.
Here is a some features that come with it:

Sonar: 3′ – 135’ deep • Depth scale & Fish depth & 2 Sizes GPS Tagging: Tag fishing hotspots
Waterbed Mapping: Up to 100′ H20 Temp
Lunar Calendar: Month & Day, Moon & Sun rise/set Fish Alarm
Weather: Temp, Rain, Wind & Barometer LED Beacon: Remote On / Off
Strike Alarm: On / Off / Adjustable Battery Status
Trip Log: Date, Time, Location, Title, Conditions, Type of Fishing, Lure, # of fish caught/species, Map

ib01 ib02 ib04


Its priced at $99.99 on the manufacturer’s website but I found it cheaper at Amazon.

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