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Selecting the Right Line for Monster Flathead Catfishing

While most fishermen give a lot of thought to the rods, reels, electronics and baits they purchase, many give little or no thought to the line they buy and use, which could be a huge mistake.

When you hook into a Monster Flathead Catfish, your line is the only thing between you and that one of a life time experience. If the line is weak or frayed it’s likely to fail during a prolonged fight. If you don’t want to lose the fish of your dreams, it’s time to start paying attention to the line you use.

Here are a few simple tips you can follow when it comes to selecting fishing line:
Always go with a good quality line. There are dozens of different lines on the market, but there not all the same. Those bargain basement brands are often “seconds” sold under someone else’s label. Stay with a major brand.

Make sure to check your line several times each day for nicks and weak spots and remove them from your line, because those spots will be the most likely to fail when that Monster Flathead Catfish gets hooked on the end of your line. The bottom few feet can also be weakened if the line is stretched in fighting a fish. I would recommend you retie after ever battle.

Always buy your line in large or bulk spools. That way it will allow you to change your line frequently and will save you money.

Heat and sunlight can destroy nylon line so it’s a good idea to store your line in a cool, dark place.

Learn how to tie a good knot and carefully test each knot with a strong, steady pull. Some knots can slip under pressure while others break at 50 or 60 percent of the line’s rated strength.

Always check and set your reel drag.

Bottom line is that your fishing line is the last place you will want to go cheap.


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