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Liberty Lake 8/11/15

Today turned out to be one of those days that you only get once in a great while. The weather was perfect with a nice breeze and a slight overcast. The Crappie bite was on fire as I landed 18 keepers all ranging in sizes from 9 to 12 inches long. Caught them all on a chartreuse swim bait.

ll00   ll03   ll05


Yellow Jacket Supreme Field Point Target

I recently bought one of these Yellow Jacket Targets to get some practice in with my new crossbow. I have shot around 150 or so arrows into it so far and with my crossbow having a 150 lbs draw weight this target has stopped everything that I have shot at it so far. I also found that removing the arrow from the target is done with ease, which is a big plus. Its a little pricey but well worth it.


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