Sawyers Creek, NC 6/2/15

Got an early start to fishing today as we was trying to beat the thunderstorms that was forecast for today. We hit our favorite honey hole down here and it turned out to be a pretty decent day. Jim landed 2 big bowfins and a 9.25 in. bluegill. I caught a 11 in. crappie and 12 nice bluegill before the storms blew in and we had to race for the boat docks.

150602_0004   150602_0002   150602_0000

150602_0003     150602_0001

150602_0005   150602_0006


  1. John says:

    Very good Scott and family hope ur having lots of fun.

  2. Scott Fuqua says:

    Just hoping the rain clears out .. We are suppose to have severe storms all week long.

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