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Quarry Lake 3/27/15

Headed over to Quarry Lake in Marion today after work to try and land me some of the rainbow trout they released earlier today. The weather was hovering right around 25 degrees out and the wind was howling with light and sometime heavy snow mixed in. We tried everything from corn to minnows with absolutely no luck at all. There was around 10 people who were out braving the weather and none of us got even as much as a nibble.

In the past I was able to see them swimming around in schools but nothing was noticeable today. I tried several different spots but still had the same results and after several hours and losing feeling in my fingers and toes I decided to called it quits for the day. Im not sure if its the colder than normal temperature out or what but this is the first time I’ve been out and not caught nothing after a trout release. Hopefully after it warms up some after this weekend We will have better results. Going to give it another try on Monday.

tn_150327_0003   tn_150327_0004

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