Stacie Pore

Stacie is one of my best friends and she was recently diagnosed with Cervical Cancer. So with that said I decided to do whatever i could to help support her mentally, physically, spiritually and financially as much as I can. I started a support site for her on Facebook that you can find here. I also designed t-shirts to sell to help raise money for her. So if you would like a t-shirt please contact me as I will be turning the order in this Monday. I also ask that you say a little prayer for her and all the others out there that are dealing with this disease.


ts01   ts02   ts03

ts04   ts05   ts06


Submitted by Jennifer Fuqua

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  1. Jennifer Fuqua says:

    We sold a total of 42 t-shirts… thanks to everyone that ordered a shirt and Ill post picks of everyone wearing their shirts later on.

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