Newbegun Creek NC 6/4/14

Took the boy out fishing with us today at Newbegun Creek, turned out to be Jim’s day to catch all the fish. Me and little Scotty only caught 2 keepers each and Jim got the rest. I caught a mystery fish that neither of us could figure out what it was, even the game warden wasnt sure what it was, wish I would have thought to take a picture of it but I didn’t.

Jim lost one of the biggest bluegill I have ever seen and Im not kidding about that, if it hadnt got tangled up with the anchor line and got off it wouldnt  surprise me if it didnt go close to a foot long. I also had my line broke by something that I fought for about 5 minutes before it headed out to the middle of the river and snapped my 10 lb test line like it was nothing.

The best part of it all was we all 3 caught big bluegills. Jim got the Biggest with a 10.25″ bluegill, I got a 10″ bluegill and Scotty got a 9″ bluegill. All 3 qualify for the NC Angler Recognition Program (NCARP).

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