2013 : Year in Review

What a year we had in 2013….We updated the site from a traditional site into a blog, which makes it easier to update and share information. We also had a nice increase in the amount of awards that were handed out for the Angler Recognition Program with a total of 48 certificates awarded (23 to our members). Our members also were awarded a total of 19 Fish Ohio Awards and 1 NC Angler award.

This year also marked the 1st year of our wildlife project, we released a total of 17 ducks, 7 squirrels and 22 possum back into the wild. We hope to increase this number next year.

Overall we had an excellent year of fishing with a little crazy weather thrown into the mix. The Big Fish Competition and Club Points Championship had a very competitive field of anglers and came down to the wire this year. Congrats to those who competed and won.

In closing Id like to wish everyone a safe and happy holidays and I cant wait to get started next year.

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