Vacuum Food Sealer

I finally broke down and bought myself a vacuum food sealer after setting out some fish for dinner last night and found that 5 bags of my fish were freezer burned.

I set out to find one online but decided to try a few local stores instead. After comparing prices and features plus the cost of bags I finally settled on the Foodsaver 2200 series sealer that was priced at $78.99 and comes with a started kit and bags. It doesn’t have all the fancy features but for what I plan on using it for it will work great for the price. If your into fishing as much as I am, do yourself a favor and get yourself a vacuum food sealer, find one that fits your need and save yourself from freezer burned fish. There is nothing worse than throwing away fish you worked so hard to catch and fillet.

Submitted by Scott Fuqua

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  1. Scott Fuqua says:

    This is in no way an endorsement or advertisement for any food vac. Pick and chose wisely the 1 that will meet your needs..

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