Liberty Lake 9/22/13

Headed out this morning to Liberty lake wearing pants and a jacket. It was a very chilli 53 degree’s out and a wind that was whipping all around. It started off very slow, didnt get a bite or even a nibble the first few hours I was out, so I took some scenic pics to pass the time. Then the sun came out and the fish started hitting good. Landed a 9 1/4 inch bluegill then a few smaller ones and then a nice channel cat and as I was getting ready to call it a day I caught another 9 inch bluegill. Turned out to be a good day, hauled in 12 bluegill, 2 that were Fish Ohio and .1 catfish.



0922031553   0922031556

0922131049   0922131049a

0922131049b   0922131050

0922131050a   0922131121

On another note I did notice alot of algae in the water, I hope this isnt a sign that the lake is going to turn over or have a toxic algae bloom. Took a few pictures, let me know what you all think.

0922131221a   0922131221

Submitted by Scott Fuqua

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