Muamee River 7/29/22

First time taking the boys to the river with me and WOW it turned out to be a great day. Both boys got Fish Ohio catfish.


Perch Fishing

This was probably one of the best days I ever had perch fishing, I didn’t keep any but I landed at least 30 this size or bigger.

Scorpion Hot Sauce

A couple weeks ago I started my first ever batch of making fermented hot sauce, I used a variety of peppers, mainly the Trinidad Scorpion Moruga pepper and a handful of various other hot peppers. I also used pineapple, sweet onions and various other herbs and spices.

After a few weeks of fermenting I blended the crap out of the mixture and cooked it down  (do this in a well ventilated area.)

After that I ran it through some cheese cloth and added a thickening agent before bottling it up.

This was a fun project for me and I learned alot about fermenting peppers and vegetables. This is something I hope to continue for years to come. If you would like the full recipe that I used just ask. Hopefully next time I’ll be able to show step by step on how I made it.

Pond Fishing

Good times with my boys…




New Chicken Coop

I finally finished my A-Frame Chicken Coop, I went with this design simply based on my own preference and the ease to design and build it.


With all the craziness going on in the world, I’ve kinda went back to my younger days and started to try to become more self reliant and begin raising chickens, rabbits and a variety of other animals.


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