Pasquotank River, Elizabeth City, NC 6/13/12 - 6/20/12

Took a trip down to North Carolin to get some fishing North Carolina. The original plan was to get a charter and go out for some deep sea fishing but with bad weather and a report from our charter captian the the fishing was going to be terrible all week so we hit decided to hit a local favorite, the pasquotank river. The temperature was nice out and the fish were biting good. Our 1st day we caught a bunch of bluegill and catfish and a white perch.
Got horned 3 times in the same finger ...just my luck. I also hooked one of the biggest bluegill Ive ever cuaght ... 10 inches long and weighing in at 1.5 lbs.

The next day we headed out to Sawyers creek and had another great day of catching bluegill.
Overall the fishing was superb the whole time we were out on the boat. We landed a variety of fresh water and salt water fish.
Special Thanks to Jim and Nori Kaska for having us down for the week and I really cant wait till next year to do it again. Hopefully the conditions will be better for some deep sea fishing.