Ohio River 11/10/19

Finally got a chance to go down and fish the Ohio River with my son for the first time, It had been eons ago that I fished it as a young man myself. We originally planned to go down the first weekend in October on a charter boat for some night fishing but after several delays due to poor weather conditions we settled for a daytime trip.

The day started off kinda slow but got better as the day went on. We didn’t land the big flat head or blues that we hoped for but we caught plenty of three to eight pound fish and it was a good learning experience.




Indian Lake 10/19/19

With the colder weather setting in decided to try Indian lake and see if the suageye bite was starting to turn on. Fished most of the daylight hours catching a few shorts and they finally turned on around 1:00 AM for about an hour. Caught well over 20 of them and all but 3 were shorts. Did manage to get my first Fish Ohio saugeye of the year measuring in at just over 22 inches long. Didnt get the greatest of pictures since I was by myself and it was after 5 in the morning before I got home.

Submitted by Dave Eberle

Williams Reservoir

We have been wanting to fish this reservoir for some time and the other day we finally got the boat out on it. The morning started out somewhat slow as we would land o fish here and there and mostly small perch. After a couple hours of moving from spot to spot we finally got on them. We caught well over 100 fish apiece and went through 10 dozen minnows  and a large tub of wax worms. Alot of the perch and bluegill we were catching were small and returned back to the water. Of all the fish we cuaght we only kept a total of 38 fish.



Williams reservoir is still a rather young body of water and in several years will most likely end up being one of the best fishing spots around here.

Pond Fishing 8/23/19

Took my son out yesterday to spend a little time fishing with him before school starts backs up. Started out slow but we managed to get on a few slabs for the day.



Cobb Lake 8/11/19

Finally got the boat out for the first time this year on Cobb lake. Turned out to be a pretty good day of fishing. We managed to get a few nice crappie and a nice mess of bluegill for the day.

Crappie fishing on Cobb lake

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