Fall Fish Fry

Held our annual fall fish fry today, it was a little hotter than we are use to but we manage to pull off another great event. Thanks to Jeff for helping fry up the fish and frog legs and to all those that made it out this year.





Also would like to give thanks to Dave Eberle, Jeff Gibson and Lil Scotty, who are my fishing buddies that contributed to catching the fish and frogs that make this event possible.


Buckeye Quarry 9/20/17

Monster this morning, 23 inches, also got into some crappie but no keepers.


Fishing & Hunting Raffle Give Away Contest

We will be running a raffle / contest on our Facebook page for our members that starts today and ends Feb. 24th of next year. you can post your recent fishing or hunting stories on there to be entered into a drawing to win several cool prizes. You can post your fishing / hunting stories once a day and for every post you make, you get (1) entry into the drawing. The chances of winning depends on the number of entries we receive. This is completely free to enter, the stories you share may be republished on this site.

Prizes include the following items:
* Custom 3 Tier Gun Rack with Drawer
* Custom Bass Painting
* Ugly Stick GX2 Fishing Rod and Reel
* (3) Etched Glass Beer Mugs
More prizes may be added at a later time.

The Maumee River 9/9/17

The cooler than normal temperature with the strong winds out of the east  made it a challenging day up at the river today as we started off slow with only a few fish in the morning but luckily the fishing picked up towards the end of the day. I caught a total of 6 keepers, Dave had 7 and Jeff got 2 for the day.


Bait Fishing at the Riley Creek

Went over to the Riley Creek for a little while with my buddy Jeff to watch him perfect his casting method with the new net. I think he has gotten it down pretty good.





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