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As most people know I work at a prison and one of the programs that our Institution has is a wild life rescue that is run by inmates. They care and nurture wild animals that have been wounded and babies that were abandoned for one reason or another. They have ducks, possums, rabbits, racoons, squirrels and other wild life. The program seeks out people that are willing to take out and release these animals back into the wild. If you have woods or a pond and are interested in having some released at your place please contact me by using the contact us form on this site or leave a reply here.

Below you will find pictures and videos of all the releases we have done to date.

Squirrel  9/3/15 Ada, OH
Released 2 squirrels in Ada today.



Rabbits 5/26/15 Alger, OH
Released 4 rabbits outside Alger today over at the Simon residence.


Squirrel  6/13/14 Liberty Lake

We released 8 squirrels today over at Liberty Lake today.

0613141748  0613141748a  0613141748b

Mallard Ducks 9/18/13 Grass Run Creek

We released another 2 ducks today down at grass run creek. Also caught me some chubs for fishing later on in the day.

0918131727   0918131726

Mallard Ducks 8/9/13 Ridgeway, OH

We released another 5 ducks out at a private pond outside of Ridgeway today, they took to the water and seemed at home when we left.


0809131835   0809131835a

0809131835b   0809131835c

Mallard Ducks 8/7/13 Liberty Lake

We released 5 ducks out at liberty lake, stayed and watched them for awhile to make sure they took to the water.

tn_ducks001   tn_ducks002

tn_ducks003   tn_ducks004

tn_ducks005   ducks006

tn_ducks007   tn_ducks008

tn_ducks009   tn_ducks010

tn_ducks011   tn_ducks012

tn_ducks013   tn_ducks014

tn_ducks015   tn_ducks016

tn_ducks017   ducks018

tn_ducks019   tn_ducks020

Squirrels 7/26/13 Ada, OH


tn_sq01 tn_sq02

tn_sq03 tn_sq04

tn_sq05 tn_sq06

tn_sq07 tn_sq08

tn_sq09 tn_sq10

tn_sq11 tn_sq12

tn_sq13 tn_sq14

tn_sq15 tn_sq16

tn_sq17 tn_sq18

tn_sq19 tn_sq20

tn_sq21 tn_sq22

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