Club Points Championship

This competition was created to get members out fishing and to share their experiences with other members. (Members are not required to participate in this or any other program or competition.) Winner gets a plaque and a write up on this site. This year the competition is starting on 3/1/14 and ends on 11/1/14.

Points are earned from several different ways. The easiest way to earn points is simply go fishing and record your catch. Points are awarded based on the different species of fish caught.  You also earn points from tournaments, catching the largest fish of each species and from any fish that qualify for Fish Ohio Awards, NWOAA Angler Recognition Award  or any other state sponsored awards. You can download your score sheet here.

Here is the Points given to each fish.

Species Pts.
/ Sunfish
Bowfin 10
Crappie 3
Catfish 3
Spotted Bass 5
Perch 2
Saugeye 6
Walleye 6
Sauger 6
Muskie 10
Trout 6
Carp 1


Tournament points are awarded as follows:
100 points awarded to 1st place
50 points to 2nd place
25 points to 3rd place
15 points to 4th place
10 points to 5th place
Biggest fish is worth 50 points
Any fish that qualifies for a fish ohio award  or other state awards is also worth 25 points

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