Angler Recognition Program

  • Fish must be taken by angling and in accordance with regulations of the state or province where the fish was caught.
  • Fish must meet or exceed the Minimum Length or Weight.
  • Each entry must be accompanied by at least one clear, sideview photograph of the fish, preferably of the angler with the fish. Photographs of released fish must be taken at the catch site (no exceptions). (Submit more photos if you like)
  • Kept fish must be weighed on a certified scale or include a picture with the fish being measured. (Measure r fish from the tip of the nose (with mouth closed) to the tip of the tail)
  • Include the location and a description of how the fish was caught.
  • All photographs become the property of NWOAA and may be used for publication on this site.
  • Each entry is reviewed by the awards committee
  • For each species, a total of 4 fish may be entered per calender year.
  • All Anglers who enter and meet the minimum Qualifications will recieve an Awards Cerificate.
  • Any Angler who successfully catches 5 or more qualifiing catches will be awarded Master Angler.
You may subit your catch by Email using the following format/details: Size (in inches), Location (body of water), Date (date caught) and a description of how the fish was caught along with your photos.
Minimum Qualifying Length / Weight
Species Length WT #
21 5
20 4
16 2
Bluegill 9 1
Bowfin 22 5
Carp 26 15
31 20
26 8
Catfish, Flathead 35 25
Crappie, White or Black 12 2
Freshwater Drum 22 10
Musky 35 n/a
Perch, White or Yellow 13 2
Pike, Northern 31 n/a
Trout, Rainbow 26 n/a
Trout, Brown 24 n/a
Walleye 27 n/a


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  2. James says:

    Do you have to be a member to apply for these awards are can anyone apply for them?

    • Scott Fuqua says:

      Membership is not necessary to apply for any of these awards. They’re open to anyone from anywhere.

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  4. How many entrants do you have per year in the program?

    • Scott Fuqua says:

      This is a relatively new program to our club..We had a total of 45 applicants receive awards from us this year and hopefully it will get bigger as time goes and the word spreads.

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