Lake Erie, Vermillion, OH. 9/14/12

Myself, Scott Burden, Jerry Burden and a few other guys that work with Scott met up early on a very cool morning at the Port of Vermillion to take a charter boat out to do some Jumbo perch fishing on Lake Erie.
We headed out in the Miss Cindy around 8:10 am and went out about 7 miles before setting anchor and the fishing got under way. I started off using a perch harness and managed to hual in 3 nice yellow jumbo perch within 15 minutes. We were fishing about 45 feet deep so whenever you brought your fish up to the surface there lungs expanded so large that they were sticking out of their mouth.
As the day went on we continued to fish hualing in a variety of differnt fish. I managed to catch 15 yellow perch and 4 white perch on a rather slow day of fishing, Scott Landed in 26 yellow perch and 3 white perch and Jerry only manged to land in 6 yellow perch for the day. Even though it wasnt the stellar day of fishing I was hoping for I had a great time fishing with friends and enjoyed the atmoshere of fishing in Lake Erie.
I would like to thanks the crew of the Miss Cindy for a great time, they were very knowledgeable and helpful. Its been at least 10 or more years since Ive been up to Lake Erie and these guys helped by proving great tips on how to hual in the big ones as well as being professional and courtesy to all of us. I would recommend these guys for anyone thinking about taking a charter out.