Hog Greek 8/31/12

Was out fishing and decided to try my luck at Hog Greek outside of Ada today. I havent fished in these waters since i was a kid and remember it for all the yellow belly catfish and carp we use to catch.
I managed to find a spot that was cleared out enough to be able to get down along the bank and fish (I always try avoiding going through thickets and heavy brush as I am extremely allergic to poison ivy). I tried using a lure at first just to see if anything would strike and after about 30 casts I decided to try glow worms. I cuaght a couple yellow belly catfish as expected. I then noticed about 4 or 5 extemely large carp swimming around and turned my attention towards them. Even though I dont eat carp I enjoy catching them as they are one of the best fighting fish you can land.
Next time im out that way Im definetly going to take me some dough balls out and try to catch a few of those monster carp.

Submitted by Scotty Fuqua 8/31/12