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Lieurace Wildlife Expressions

I had been searching for a local taxidermist to do my fish mounts, when I found Lieurace Wildlife Expressions in Lima OH. I caught a bluegill that had all these fluorescent colors and thought that it would make a nice conversational piece to have in the shop. I dropped it off to him this past summer and got it back today.

tx003     tx003

I was more than happy with the way it turned out. He hit the colors and picked the perfect driftwood to mount it on.


(this picture doesnt do it any justice but you can see the details in the top 2 pictures)

If your looking to get a fish mounted I would recommend this place. The price is reasonable and the service was great. He kept me informed and called to double check and made sure everything was done the way I wanted. Liked it so much I dropped off two more fish to have done today.

 Submitted by Scott Fuqua


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