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Bait Fishing

After my frabill traps came up empty again I decided to do it the old fashioned way and caught me some creek chubs with the fishing pole. Ended up with around 3 dozen bait fish for my trip to the Muammee tomorrow.


Frabill Minnow Trap

After spending the weekend down south with my buddy Chuck, I decided to go out and buy me a Frabill Minnow trap. It worked great for him and at under $10 bucks, I figured why not give it a try. He showed me a trick were he used a stainless steel tea ball to put his bait (cat food) in so I decided why not it worked for him it should work for me and you can pick one up for around $2.

frabill-minnow-trap   fmt2

After setting the trap out for a couple hours I go back and I have only one minnow in the trap. Now I now it ain’t location because I can see minnows swimming everywhere. So I decided to add some bread to the trap and after a few hours I went back to check the trap and there is still only one minnow in the trap. Going to let it sit overnight and if the trap is empty, then it just might be location and ill have to find another creek to try.

fbt2  fbt3  fbt4




Homemade Cooler Livewell

I finally gotten around to making myself a homemade livewell out of a old cooler that my brother gave me. I’m using a Pacific Hydrostar 158 GPH Submersible Fountain Pump that I picked up for around 10 bucks and Aqua Culture 20-60 Gallon Aquarium Air Pump for around the same amount.

Livewell Cooler


lwc1  lwc2  lwc3

Outdoor Multi – Pocket Fishing Vest

Just found a new vest that I like, it is a multifunctional fishing vest with multiple pockets to easily store my fishing gear. Its  light weight and durable, made out of Dacron. Although its not water proof, its breathable and quick to  dry. Another plus is that it comes in my size and is only priced at 19.99.


3L Capacity Water Bag Backpack Water Bladder

I found this cool water bladder back pack to take out with me when I go fishing. The thing I like about this is that when I fish the Muammee River, I usually wade and fish out in the middle of the river for long periods of time. With this backpack I can keep hydrated and it conveniently straps to my back  so I dont have to head to the shore to get something to drink.

bp2 bp1

Made of high density nylon material, durable and water resistant
3L capacity for you to store enough water while going out
45cm – 86cm adjustable shoulder strap and 17cm – 33cm adjustable chest belt
Plug in buckle, convenient to use
Equipped with a 105cm tube to drink water ( pull the nozzle out then you can get the water inside your bag )
A switch on / off bite valve, convenient for controling the flow of water
With soft pad on the back, shock resistant and comfortable to wear
Perfect to use them when fishing, hiking, climbing, riding and other outdoor activities