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Bait Fishing at the Riley Creek

Went over to the Riley Creek for a little while with my buddy Jeff to watch him perfect his casting method with the new net. I think he has gotten it down pretty good.





Foldable Mesh Umbrella Cast Dip Net

I am always looking for new and simpler ways to catch bait for my fishing trips up at the river and at just $7.50 for this Foldable Mesh Umbrella Cast Dip Net its well worth a try. I just ordered mine and will give you all an update to how well it work here in the near future.


Great for catching smelt, eel, crab, lobster, minnows, shrimp and crawfish.

Material: Nylon, Metal, Plastic
Color: Green
Weight: 126g / 4.4oz
Open size: 60 * 60cm / 23.6 * 23.6in
Closed size: 53 * 3cm / 20.9 * 1.2in (L * D)





Stock Tank Live Well

Well here is my homemade live well made from a 100 gallon stock tank. I used a 100 gallon rubber made stock tank and a Tetra Wisper 60 gallon fish filter for this live well.

I took a 5 gallon bucket and drilled holes all around it and use that to hold my minnow’s when we go seine for them down at the creek. That also makes it easier to to get the minnows out and keeps them separate from the creek chums and little bluegill we keep for when we head to the river to go cat fishing.

To prevent the bait fish from jumping out I used a couple of pool noodles and 2 laundry bags for the top. I just bent them to shape and used bobby pins to hold the laundry bags and noodles to the shape I needed.

My buddy Dave just gave me a pool filter, so my next project is to turn a 275 gallon tank into a live well.



1.4M 5 Layers Folding Fishing Net Stake Fish Care Creel Tackle

Whenever I find something that is neat or that I think is of usefulness, I cant help but to share it on here. Although I don’t do a whole lot of fishing during this time of year, I’m always looking forward to warmer days and when I find a deal, I gotta grab it.


– Collapsible and 5-layer design, easy to carry and large capacity for holding lots of fishes
– Main material: nylon net and galvanized metal, durable, rust and corrosion resistant
– Two size of mesh: small ( 4mm diameter ) and large ( 8mm diameter )
– Top door, easy to reach
– Unfolding length: 140cm / 55 inches
– Diameter: approx. 30cm / 11.8 inches




Bait Fishing

After my frabill traps came up empty again I decided to do it the old fashioned way and caught me some creek chubs with the fishing pole. Ended up with around 3 dozen bait fish for my trip to the Muammee tomorrow.


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