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2017 Local Spring Trout Release

Just a little reminder for our members. Here are the local areas and dates that the ODNR Division of Wildlife will stock rainbow trout. The daily catch limit for inland lakes is five trout. You can find the complete list here.

Location  County Date
Quarry Park Marion 4/14/17
Lima Lake Allen 4/19/17
Schoonover Lake Allen 4/13/17
Davis Lake Auglaize 4/15/17
Giertz Lake Hancock 5/16/17

Once again, Several us are planning on meeting up at Quarry Park on Friday the 14th. If your interested, come on out and enjoy some fishing.



Every now and then you run across something that you just got to share with everyone. I am proud to be an American and I am an army veteran, so check out this video.



Creature of the Deep

It never ceases to amaze me, that there is so much for us too learn and discover in the deeps of the ocean. The mere size of this creature in itself is just breath taking.

Blemishes to Beauty

A very good friend of mine, Jan Williams moved to Leesburg, Florida and started her own business down there. They turn old and blemished stuff into beautiful creations.



So if you ever find yourself in Leesburg, Florida stop in and visit them and tell Jan I said Hello.

606 W Main St
Leesburg, Florida




Ohio State vs Team Up North

Just a few Videos to get you all pumped up for todays game…. Go Buckeyes!

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