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Salsa Time

Got enough veggies out of the garden to make up my first batch of salsa today. Ill be cooking up salsa for the next few weeks to get ready for Max’s Trader Days & Water Dog Races event coming up during Labor Day weekend.

Raised Pallet Garden Bed

Been working on my first ever pallet project for the garden.. Got to add some more mulch and stones around it but turned out pretty nice. Cool thing about this project is I have a total of around $5 bucks in the whole thing. Everything except the screws was either given to me or re-purposed.





Hot Pepper Flakes

Got the food dehydrator out and cut up a variety of peppers to make some hot pepper flakes that I use to garnish food.


hp02 hp03

After everything was done in the dehydrator, I ended up with a spice jar of ghost and Carolina reaper mix that I will label as Dragon Fire, another jar of Habanero Flakes, a jar of Jalapeño Flakes and almost 2 jars of Cayenne pepper. I still have a lot of peppers to prepare. Did learn a valuable lesson today… grind everything outside and not inside the house.

spices1 spices2 spices3

Harvest Bounty

We have been picking from the garden for the past few weeks but today we harvested all the ripe tomatoes and peppers. We grew six different types of tomatoes this year as well as Caralina Reapers, Ghost peppers, Habanero’s, Chili  peppers, Jalapeno peppers and a variety of sweet and bell peppers.

I love the fact that I know where my food is coming from and I can teach my children how to do it as well.


Carolina Reapers

Here are a few pics of my Carolina Reapers that I grew this year. I have already gotten a few dozen peppers picked so far. I have been making some HOT and I mean Hot salsa this year using these and a mix of other peppers from my garden.

reaper-p1  reaper-p2

reaper-p3  reaper-p4

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