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Great Miami River 3/16/19

The Great Miami river was on fire today, caught about 20 shorts and ended up with 3 keepers that where all 18 inches or better. The water level was up and they were biting on the white slushy big joshy swim bait.

Submitted by Dave Eberle

2019 Local Spring Trout Release

Just a little reminder for our members. Here are the local areas and dates that the ODNR Division of Wildlife will stock rainbow trout. The daily catch limit for inland lakes is five trout. You can find the complete list here.


Location County Date
MT. Gilead Lake Morrow 3/22/19
Quarry Park Marion 4/19/19
Lima Lake Allen 4/18/19
Schoonover Lake Allen 4/11/19
Davis Lake Auglaize 4/11/19
Giertz Lake Hancock 5/4/19

Several us are planning on meeting up at Quarry Park on Friday the 19th. If your interested, come on out and enjoy some fishing.

Great Miami River 2/11/19

Limited out on suageye in 25 minutes using the Big Joshy Solar Flare. They were on fire today after work.


Submitted by Derick Mullet

2018 Fish Ohio Master Pin

I have been chasing the Fish Ohio Master pin since 2012 and this year I got my third one in seven years. If your into angling and enjoy the challenges that fishing brings I would encourage you to try and accomplish this task. I set out with wanting to get at least ten different species this year but came up short on that goal but I did manage to get a personal best of five different species and in some cases such as crappie, bluegill and catfish I caught multiple fish that qualified for the Fish Ohio pin.


Indian Lake 1/5/19

Fished over at Indian Lake this evening, the water is like a bowl full of chocolate milk but with with warmer weather  I couldn’t resist the temptation to get a line wet. Got this one on my second cast and after that couldn’t get a bite. There was probably another 15 people fishing along the bank and didn’t see any other fish brought in the whole time I was there.

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