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Portable Stainless Steel Fishing Rod Holder

Found these Portable Stainless Steel Fishing Rod Holders for $14.95. If your into catfishing and have several poles out at the same time these little rod holders work like a charm.

Stainless steel material, very durable.
Flat design greatly increases firmness and stability.
Easy to install and remove.
Support maximum diameter of 3.2cm of the fishing rod handle.
Two brackets can be combined as a whole, compact to carry.


Bluegill Fishing 4/24/17

Headed over to my honey hole today after work and caught a 18 nice bluegill ranging in soze from 7 to 9 inches long. They are starting to come onto the beds, so it wont be long before its go time.




Liberty Lake 4/9/17

Finally got the old man to go fishing with me today. Turned out to be a pretty good as we ended up catching 13 crappie.

Pond Fishing 2/20/17

Finally got out and got a little fishing therapy in today. Only kept 7 but they were biting pretty good. Two of them was just shy of being Fish Ohio.

Great Day on the River

Had a great day of catfishing up on the Maumee River today, landed 14 nice catfish using live and cut up chubs.


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