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Carp Fishing

Decided to change things up a little today and go carp fishing at the Riley Creek today just for sport. We could see them swimming all over the creek today but only manage to catch a few small carp today. We threw dough ball, corn and I even tried some old trout bait but we just couldn’t get them to bite very well.

Carp Fishing at the Riley Creek



The Maumee River 8/12/17

Spent my birthday fishing with my son and my fishing buddies Dave and Jeff. We got up at the river around 7:00am and didnt leave until almost 9:00 pm. Dave caught the biggest flathead catfish that measured at 41 inches long and weighed 36 pounds. Jeff and I both caught 31 inch channel catfish. Over all we kept 18 catfish for the day.




Pond Fishing 8/6/17

Another good day of fishing with my boys over at a pond outside of Ridgeway.


Frog Gigging at Riley Creek

Went out last night frog gigging over at Riley Creek outside of Bluffton with my buddy Jeff and took his daughter Hailey for her first experience at gigging frogs. We had to wait out a thunder storm for about a half hour that struck a short time after we started down the creek but after that the frogs came out and we got a good hual of big bull frogs for the night and Hailey was able to get her first frog with a gig. I didnt get home till around 1:30 this morning and after cleaning them I managed to get to bed around 2:30 AM this morning.

Buckeye Quarry 8/1/17


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