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Maumee River 6/17/17

Spent the day out the Maumee River with my buddies Jeff and Dave fishing for catfish. The water was a little high after the storms we got the night before but we managed to get out and fish in the river. Turned out to be a great day weather wise and the fish were biting good as we kept 21 for the day.

Cobb Lake

Another fine day of fishing….




Monster Bluegill

Some days the gods just smile down on you and bless you with a great day of fishing. Even though I had to endure heavy rains and wind this morning it was well worth it. I caught a 12 inch bluegill which is the biggest bluegill I have ever caught and a 13 inch crappie. Ended up with 8 crappie, 4 bluegill and 2 bass ( I usually dont keep bass but I somehow managed to gut hook the 2 that I kept).



Cobb Lake 6/3/17

Started my vacation off right as I spent the day with my buddies Jeff and Dave out on the boat fishing today. Got a little sun burned in the process.

Bluegill Fishing 6/2/17

Another great day of fishing at one of my honey holes.. kept 16 big blue’s, 4 of them weighed in at over a pound each and just shy of 9 inches long.

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