Apple Valley Lake 8/25/12
Took a fishing trip this Saturday over to Howard, OH. at Apple Valley Lake. This was the 1st time that I have fished this lake but was told by Scott Burden a resident of the area for the last 10 years that the Crappie fishing was great. The day started off kinda slow but we managed to hual in 1 crappie and 7 bluegill. With the sun beating down we took a dip in the lake and got lunch (You can actually get delevery to the boat ramps).
After lunch we got back to fishing and about a half an hour into it things started to go bad after that. A lure got hooked into Burdens leg (Had to go to the ER later to get it removed). Then the boat lost all power and we had to flag a fellow boater down and luckly they were nice and gave us a tow back to one of the loading ramps.
Once we got the boat loaded we headed back to Scotts place and decided he better go get the hook removed before it got too late. Once he returned we decided to hit the docks to fish. Within minutes of starting to fish the crappie were hitting in full force. Scott laned the first one then I landed one then Justina landed one and they contunued biting for the next hour. Justina landed the biggest at 12 1/4 inches and we ended up pulling in 19 crappie before it got too dark out.
Special Thanks to Scott Burden and his family for having us down and I look forward to heading there again.