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2019 BFA Winners

We would like to congratulate the winners of the 2019 Big Fish Awards. We are looking forward to next years competition. We have added several more species to this years competition. You can submit your entries for the 2020 season starting today.

Bluegill: John Clark 9.5″ Private Pond 
Catfish: Scott Fuqua 31″ Maumee River
Crappie: Scotty Fuqua II 13″ Private Pond
Suageye: Dave Eberle 22″ Indian Lake
For more info and rules visit Here

Ohio River 11/10/19

Finally got a chance to go down and fish the Ohio River with my son for the first time, It had been eons ago that I fished it as a young man myself. We originally planned to go down the first weekend in October on a charter boat for some night fishing but after several delays due to poor weather conditions we settled for a daytime trip.

The day started off kinda slow but got better as the day went on. We didn’t land the big flat head or blues that we hoped for but we caught plenty of three to eight pound fish and it was a good learning experience.




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