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Indian Lake 11/29/17

 Another good night of fishing, I caught 2 more fish Ohio, that makes a total of 28 Saugeye over 21 inches for the year. Going to hit Indian Lake again tonight.
saugeye fishing
By Jeff Gibson

Indian Lake 11/28/17

The saugeye bite is still going good over at Indian Lake, landed a few nice ones last night.

indian lake fishing saugeye fishing

Submitted by Dan Quail

Richland Furnace State Park

I was able to get off work for a few days to hunt the Richland Furnace State park in Jackson County with my buddy Scott. On my second day out I came across a doe and as my motto goes, if its brown its down. Could have tried for a larger doe but with only a few days off you gotta take what you can get.


Submitted by Chuck Tidd

2017 BFA Winners

We would like to congratulate the winners of the 2017 Big Fish Awards. We had a lot of great entries this year and are looking forward to next years competition.

Bluegill: Scotty Fuqua ll 12″ Private Pond

Bass: Jeff Gibson 23″ Buckeye Quarry

Catfish: Dave Eberle 43″ Muammee River

Crappie: Scott Fuqua 14″ Private Pond

Indian Lake 11/18/17

Tore em up last night at Indian Lake with Dave. We started around 8:30 last night and called it quits around 7:15 this morning. Caught a lot of shorts and got drenched in the rain but we both ended up limiting out once again.


Submitted by Jeff Gibson

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