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Site News and Updates

The prizes for the 2016 Big Fish Awards have been released:

Certificate, and a GX2 Ugly Stick

Custom Plaque, $25 cash and a free Oil Change from Charlie’s Auto Repair

Certificate,  $25 cash and a free Oil Change from Charlie’s Auto Repair

Certificate, $25 cash and a free Oil Change from Charlie’s Auto Repair

Certificate and $10 cash


We are also working on putting together a little competition this year for members, where members who wish to compete would pay a entry fee of $20 and whoever catches the largest bass would win a fish replica of their catch from Global Fish Mounts.

We would also like to welcome 2 new members, Jake Ried and Anthony Fuqua.


Trout Cleaning the Easy Way

I have always fillet my trout and have considered them one of the harder fish to clean but after watching the video below I may have to change the way I clean my trout. This guy does it with just a pair of scissors. Hopefully this weekend I can land some trout and try it out this way.

Pond Fishing 4/13/16

Went out after work today to try out some new swim baits I got. Turned out pretty good as I ended up catching about a dozen bass and 8 crappie. I cant wait to get out on the kayak and fish with these new swimbaits.

Whatever it Takes

Most fishermen will do whatever it takes to catch a fish. Watch the video below for a good laugh.

Site News and Updates

You may notice a difference in the menu bar now as I have simplified it and redone the Members Area page to centralize all the information into a easy to navigate page. I also remade the articles submission page, it should be easier to share your fishing stories, recipes and other topics.  You can still email them to me if you still desire to do so.

I’m still working on the BFA prizes for this year as I am hoping to get a few new sponsors to jump on board. We are going to shorten the season some so that we can can have the awards presentation in early November before the holiday season gets in full swing.


We will be hosting a Passport to Fishing Program at MCI on May 14th this year. I’m very excited about running this program for the first time and appreciate all the help you all have given to me so far. It should be a fun and learning experience for all involved. If you know of any organizations that would like to have a passport to fishing program ran for them have them contact me about setting one up.

To help raise money for the next program, we will be raffling off a custom made fire ring here in the near future. I’m working on getting the tickets made up and hopefully we can start raising money in the next few weeks.


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