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The Groundfridge Root Cellar

I know this is a little dated but I just saw a video on this and had to share it on here. I love the concept of being green and this is something I would love to have.


There is a new innovative way to store food without using any energy. Its called the Groundfridge, a refrigerator that is stored underground and requires no energy at all. The temperature of it is determined by temperature of the soil and groundwater. It is 20 times the size of a regular refrigerator and can easily be installed, removed, and reinstalled. Root cellars aren’t a new invention by any means, but the Groundfridge looks well-built and relatively easy to install. Weighing in at 300 kg (661 lb), and measuring 2.28 m (7.48 ft) in diameter, the prefab cellar is built from hand-laminated polyester.


It has an attractive design. Shelving lines the spherical interior, providing a large area to keep foodstuffs cool in. Lighting is also provided. The pod is accessible via the built-in stairs that go down into the ground.



Happy Easter

From all of us here, We would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter …..


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