This weekend I build myself a desktop computer out of several PC’c that I had laying around since my laptop took a turn for the worse and it was older than dirt. So I decided to look for an alternative operating system as opposed to using Microsoft Windows and settled on the Ubuntu operating system.

One of the primary reasons I picked Ubuntu was since my computer was built from several others, I didn’t want to spent hours searching and then downloading all the different drivers to get it up and running. Many PC manufacturers certify their desktops for Ubuntu so it was easy to install and have all the drivers and software ready to go.  The other major reason I picked it was because it was Free.

Now that I have it loaded and running on my PC, I’m asking myself why I haven’t tried it out sooner. It has compatible software for Office and has a large selection of various types of software, most are Free.  Ubuntu loads extremely fast and I really like the feel and layout.

So if you have an older pc and don’t want to continuously pay to upgrade it, give this OS a try. You can run it along side your old windows and just in case you don’t like you wont lose your old Windows OS.


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