Hot Peppers (for Salsa)

Ive been asked by several friends to make a batch of salsa with some extreme heat in it, apparently the 9 habanero peppers and various other hot peppers that I put into wasn’t hot enough for them. Ive been looking around for some ghost or reaper peppers but i am unsure where to buy them. I hope to grow my own next year to go along with the four other hot peppers that I do grow.

So if anybody has any suggestions on what pepper to use and where I can buy them I would greatly appreciate it. I don’t know once you get into the peppers that are rated hotter than a habanero if you can taste a difference in them or not.




  1. Ralph carr says:

    I dont think you will find them in any store. Your best bet is to find someone that grows them.

    • Scott Fuqua says:

      Yeah my wife looked at several different paces and couldn’t find anything hotter than a habanero. Charlie is working on getting me a few reapers from one of his friends that grows them.

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