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Pond Fishing 8/10/15

Took Krissy out pond fishing today to try and introduce her to the fabulous world of fishing. We hit my buddies pond and the bite was rather slow but we managed to snag a few nice bass each. I gave her a few pointers, showed her how to cast and she took to it with ease. After words she told me she would enjoy doing it again… I think I got her hooked.

ka2   ka1   kz3

Frog Gigging

Took my son out frog gigging for the first time tonight. We ended up with a total of 29 frogs in the basket. Lil Scotty did good, I was proud of him for not freaking out with all the spiders. I ended up with a few leeches on my legs but worth it. Cant wait to fry em up.

fg1   fg3   fg2


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