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Just finished putting together this years awards for the 2015 Big Fish Awards. This year we will be giving custom plaques for each of the species this year and some other great awards that I have listed below.

Custom Plaque and $25 cash

Custom Plaque and a 18″ x 24″ personalized painting of you and your winning fish (So make sure you get a good picture)

Custom Plaque and $25 cash

Custom Plaque and a GX2 Ugly Stick

Custom Plaque and $10 cash

We may add other fish as I am currently working on getting new sponsors.

In other news we are discontinuing the Club Points Championship this year due to a lack of interest.

I am also looking to host a fish fry that will be free for members sometime in the middle of next month, Ill post more about that at a later date.

I would also like to welcome 3 new members

Jason Walters
Krissy Allen
Dustin Horsley

Here is a picture of a painting I had done earlier this year of my daughter


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