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Rapala Electric Fillet Knife

   I finally broke down and decided to try out an electric fillet knife. I have always used a regular fillet knife but with my arthritis in my hands it is becoming more and more difficult to do it the old fashion way. I went with the Rapala brand since most of my regular knives are the same n the brand.

   After i went fishing today I thought why not give it a try. I only caught one fish so I cant say for sure if I like it quite yet. It performed well and the fillets turned out alright but it doesn’t feel natural to me. I messed up on the first fillet but managed to get a nice slab and the second one turned out even better than the first one. I guess Im going to have to practice on some bluegills and try to master it that way.

If anyone has any good tips on using one please share them with me.

Cobb Lake

Thought i would try my luck over at Cobb lake today.. the weather was perfect with just a light wind out of the West. I had several nice bites but was only able to land one trout.

cobb03   cobb01   cobb02


Fishing Babes

Hey Scott,thought I would spice up the site some and add some pics of hot babes fishing… Nothing to bad… Enjoy

hb01  hb02  hb03

hb04  hb05  hb06

hb07  hb08  hb10

hb11  hb12  fb05

bb089   bb090   bb099


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