Fishing Decor


My wife saw a picture where someone used an old fishing pole as wall art and suggested to me that I should try to incorporate something like that in my utility room.

I decided to use an old spincast reel and rod. I drilled a hole through the base of the rod and attached it to the wall. After that I adjusted the rod to the bend I wanted and took a small nail that I heated up and melted a hole through the section on the rod that would give me the curvature that I wanted and secured it with a nail. I then took a small nail and secured the tip of the rod through the last eyelet and secured it.

I then ran the string through and added a bobber for decoration and after adding a few pictures I think it turned out really good. In all I had just under twenty five dollars in the project and that included the cost of the picture frames and having the photos printed off up at Rite aid.

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