Berkley Verticle Rod Holders

I gave alot of thought about whether to build a rod holder or just buy one and after careful consideration decided to go with buying one. The main reason was space and the second reason was not wanting to deal with the headache and mess of making one.

After looking around on the internet I decided to go with the Berkley Verticle Rod Holder. I picked up mine from the local Walmart for $9.97 each and it was a quick and simple install.

Since I have a small utility room that I store all my gear in, it saved a ton of room. I also used some large swivel hooks on the ceiling to hang some of my larger poles that wouldn’t fit into the rod holders due to my ceiling be so low. In all I have used 4 rod holders to hold most of my poles and will probably get a few more to accommodate the rest of my poles.

 tn_r1   tn_r2

tn_r4   tn_r3

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