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Pasquotank River 6/5/14

We hit another part of the Pasquotank River today and it turned out to be a crazy day of fishing. We found a few new honey holes and was catching a mixed bag of fish, we caught bowfin, bluegill, catfish, bass and yellow perch.They were biting so good at one point that I was catching two at a time.

Just as we were getting ready to move on to a new spot a storm blew in real quick on us. We decided to try and wait it out for about 15 minutes and the rain didnt let up any at all and then the thunder and lighting started cracking all around us, so we decided to call it a day and head back in and thats when everything started to go down hill. At first I couldnt get the boat motor to start only to discover I forget to put the safety switch on. Then we got it to start and as we was starting out the engine dies and the starter locks up. We had to take off the engine cover and reset the started, all while its down pouring. After about 20 minutes of messing with that we finally got things running smooth and headed back to the fishing ramps. We get the boat loaded and start to take off and the rain stops and the sun starts to shinning.

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Submitted by Scott Fuqua

Newbegun Creek NC 6/4/14

Took the boy out fishing with us today at Newbegun Creek, turned out to be Jim’s day to catch all the fish. Me and little Scotty only caught 2 keepers each and Jim got the rest. I caught a mystery fish that neither of us could figure out what it was, even the game warden wasnt sure what it was, wish I would have thought to take a picture of it but I didn’t.

Jim lost one of the biggest bluegill I have ever seen and Im not kidding about that, if it hadnt got tangled up with the anchor line and got off it wouldnt  surprise me if it didnt go close to a foot long. I also had my line broke by something that I fought for about 5 minutes before it headed out to the middle of the river and snapped my 10 lb test line like it was nothing.

The best part of it all was we all 3 caught big bluegills. Jim got the Biggest with a 10.25″ bluegill, I got a 10″ bluegill and Scotty got a 9″ bluegill. All 3 qualify for the NC Angler Recognition Program (NCARP).

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Submitted by Scott Fuqua

Pasquotank River 6/3/14

Hit another one of my favorite honey holes on the Pasquotank River today. It started off slow but after the wind picked up some, the fish really turned on. I cuaght a total of 14 keepers and we brought in a total of 16 bluegill for the day. Had 2 of them that were just over 9 inches long. The sun was blazing today and we came prepared with SPF 110 and didn’t end up like yesterday where my arms and neck got fried.

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Submitted by Scott Fuqua

Sawyer Creek NC 6/2/14

Started the first day of Vacation out on the boat with Jim Kaska and my daughter Justina. We hit our favorite honey hole that we go to every year that we come down to North Carolina. The day started off with me catching a monster bluegill that was just over 9 inches long and just under a pound and my second fish was just under 9 inches long. Jim landed the next fish and cuaght two nice ones that was over 8 inches long and Justina cuaght the biggest fish at   9 1/4 inches long just as we were leaving for the day. I also landed a few small yellow perch and a bowfin and we ended up keeping a total of 20 bluegill for the day.







Submitted by Scott Fuqua

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