Bluffton Trout Derby 5/4/14

Met up with Jeff Gibson this morning and fished the 70th annual trout derby over in Bluffton, OH. The derby started off a little slow but over all we did really good. We both limited out on trout and I got one tag that was worth $10 at Arby’s and Jeff got two tags, one worth $10 and another worth $20. The number one tagged fish wasnt cuaght during the derby so there is still a $200 dollar fish somewhere in the Quarry. We stayed after the derby ended and tried to get more tagged fish, we landed a few more trout that we released but none had any tags. Might have to give it another go tomorrow.

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Submitted by Scott Fuqua

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  1. Scott Fuqua says:

    We went out again today and got skunked..Only thing biting was the bluegill and they were small.

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