The One-Ring Phone Scam

There is a new scam popping up and sweeping across the country. Its called the “one-ring phone scam” and the simplicity of this scam makes it one of the most ingenious scams out there. The scammer sends out thousands of calls from their computer to random cell phone numbers. Those calls ring once and then hang up. Like most people when they miss a call they try to call back the number and when they do they are connected to an adult entertainment service, a chat-line or some other premium program in another country and are charged a  $20 international phone call fee, plus per minute charges for that “premium service.” Those charges can be an extra nine dollars a minute or more.

The international area codes are (268) – Antigua/Barbuda | (809) – Dominican Republic | (876) – Jamaica | (284) – British Virgin Islands | (473) – Grenada.

So If your phone rings once, make sure you don’t call back and check your cell phone bills regularly and let your carrier know right away if you see any questionable charges.

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