Top 5 Free PC Tools and Utilities

I have been working on computers for over 10 years and a lot of my friends always ask me what they can do to protect their computers and keep them running fast and free from hang ups. So I put together a list of free software that is a must have to keep your pc secure and running in tip top shape.

Avast Free Antivirus 2014 One of the best free anti-virus and spyware programs that’s out there. Ive used this for several years now with no complaints.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware This is a must have software for protecting yourself. This program is easy to use and most importantly the best effective tool I use.

ProduKey This program shows the product ID of software or OS installed on your computer. If you have MS Office or any other program you paid for this is a great tool for those just in case moments.

SlimCleaner Free  s a free utility that cleans, optimizes, repairs, and updates your PC based on the latest threats and issues. Its loaded with a lot of useful other tools like disk defragmenter and disk cleanup to name a few.

SlimDrivers Free is a simple tool that uses cloud-based scans to identify, download, and help you install driver updates for your system. It creates a personal profile that remembers your drivers and downloads the right ones automatically when you scan your system. Updated drivers help keep your system running safely and smoothly.

There are a ton of other great software out there but these are some of the best in my opinion.

Submitted by Scott Fuqua


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